Monday, July 21, 2008

Exercise slows down Alzheimer's syndrome

An article in the journal Neurology says that exercise may prevent your brain from shrinking if you have Alzheimer's.


Well, exercise has some neuroprotective effects. It increases the flow of blood to the brain and promotes growth factors and neurochemical protectivity. It's not going to hurt your brain.

There is no idea what causes this, but there was four times less brain shrinkage in Alzheimer patients with moderate physical activity than in Alzheimer patients with slight physical activity.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe neural stimulation related to coordinated movements and more interaction with others coupled with increased blood flow and lower stress hormone levels?

elderly care said...

Nice post!Then I guess its time for our seniors to take a stroll in the park and stretch those muscles. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Besides, exercise is good for anyone at any age.

memory disorders said...

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David Tal said...

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