Thursday, July 31, 2008

Genetic diversity and intelligence

From a paper in Animal Cognition, we find out that mules are smarter than horses and donkeys.

This raises interesting questions about hybrid vigor and, especially, in humans, if multiracial individuals or people with more diverse genetic ancestry have a higher IQ on average than people from a more uniform ethnic background.

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AIGBusted said...

That's very interesting. Come over to my blog sometime and leave a comment, if you please:

"Answers in Genesis BUSTED!"


Genius said...

One possible reason is that it is specific to the combination of the donkey Y chromosome or the horse X chromosome as opposed to any other combination and that Hinnies might be less intelligent.

Like how ligers are bigger than tigers or lions but tigrons are smaller than both. I presume the same is true for some of the mice cross breads.

Intelligent Designer said...

Ask Tiger Woods what he thinks.

Ben said...

Another gene linked to cognitive ability:

“A study on the correlation between IL1RAPL1 and human cognitive ability,”

Anonymous said...

Genetically, whites are a small subset of blacks. Thus african americans, with their multiethnic heritage, will be the most diverse.